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Science of Mind Courses

Revised and updated 2020

You are invited to explore the power of conscious living, spirituality, metaphysics, meditation, affirmative & positive thinking, spiritual practice, mental techniques, and heart opening processes to further your own growth and evolution. We explore and learn about everything from ancient meditation techniques to cutting-edge neuroscience, mysticism to quantum physics, manifestation to the Law of Attraction, in the context of unity, diversity and inclusivity. The breadth and depth of our program will keep your growing and deepening in awareness and consciousness for a lifetime.

We offer these powerful, interactive courses to further your spiritual journey toward personal growth, healing, and transformation using the principles and practices of the ages synthesized in the Science of Mind.  Every course offers an opportunity for you to stay committed to your spiritual growth, grow your wisdom and understanding, open your heart, and to dive more deeply into Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Reality, and the Divine Presence,

These courses are based on curriculum provided by Centers for Spiritual Living and can be transferred to communities worldwide. They may also be certified with the Centers for Spiritual when a student is called to take Level Three courses or move into Ministry and applies for Spiritual Coach or Ministerial Training.

Courses are divided into three levels:

Level One

Essential Courses

You begin your journey in the Science of Mind with two powerful courses, “Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices”, and “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”. They provide a pathway for personal growth, spiritual development, and powerful transformation! In these courses, we invite you to explore the ancient wisdom/new thought teachings and apply these metaphysical principles to your life. You will learn techniques and skills, spiritual practices, and an introduction to the basic principles which prepares you for the deeper dive available in the next set of courses. We will continue to offer the “Foundations” Course at various times, which combines the two courses into a 10-week spiritual journey.


Level Two

See List Below

These courses are designed to provide a life-long learning program in consciousness deepening, practical application, and spiritual theory.

These  certificated courses invite students to explore a greater variety of spiritual growth experiences and move deeper into applying the principles in everyday life. From where metaphysics comes from to meditation, affirmative speaking, and opening to the One, every part of the spiritual path and spiritual living is engagingly explored and deepened.  

The “Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices”, and “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”, courses are recommended to move on to some Level Two courses, other courses are open to everyone.

Level Three

“Inward Journey”

or “Deep Mysticism”

These courses are an intensive 30-weeks for the spiritually committed, maturing student, providing a spiritual boot camp for growth and transformation. Heal your life at every level! Create the life you choose! Develop a deeper mystical consciousness and awareness of Presence.

To be eligible for Level Three, students must complete the following: one essential course from Level One; one philosophy course, one history course, and either three consciousness courses or two consciousness courses and one elective from Level Two.

Any course registered with the Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO is transferable to any Affiliated Community of the Centers for Spiritual Living, just as CSLDallas honors any registered Science of Mind course that a student has taken at any Affiliated Community.