Prosperity Plus III

Prosperity Plus is a dynamic video-based 7-week program that teaches new ways of living that are centered on the spiritual practices of abundant life!

In this program designed by Mary Morrissey, she teaches how to move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity, and promise. Through the study and application of these prosperity teachings, you have the opportunity to create the quantum shift necessary to open doors to new levels of abundance in all areas of your life!

Live a “Full Spectrum” of Wealth

Your facilitator will guide the group into deeper practices and dialogue. Not only will you see your own personal growth but you will also see those around you flourish as well.

You will study the art and science of Transformation.

Throughout the course you will discover techniques for:

  • Dissolving the blocks that sabotage success,
  • Tools to live in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern success
  • How to live a life of financial abundance and experience Living “Full Spectrum” Wealth in every area of life!

$49.00 –  Hard Copy:

$39.00 –  Digital:


Length of Class: 7 weeks

Text Books: Must be purchased using links above

Tuition: $220

We recommend you first take Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, or Foundations. This will better prepare you for the core concepts used in this course, but they are not required to take Level Two courses. 

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL TWO Elective Course


New Dates Coming Soon