Make a Difference

Making an Difference – Being of service is a powerful spiritual practice and allows us to have a positive, spiritually motivated impact on others, whether it’s people we love, our family, our community, or around the world.

Make an difference in the community – COMMUNITY SERVICE. CSLDallas is regularly involved in community service opportunities in Dallas, Addison, Farmer Branch and around the Metroplex. Check it out and make a difference!

Make a Difference in the World – SPIRITUALLY MOTIVATED SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. We stand for a World that Works as well as lives that work. We stand on our spirituality as we move into the world with the peace attained in meditation, the conviction learned from successful intentional manifestation, and the desire to bring more spiritual living to the way in which we engage at every level of society. Won’t you be part of the change we wish to see in the world?  

Make an Difference at CSLDallas – VOLUNTEER. You have gifts to give, talents to share, and new things to learn. CSLDallas needs you to share your service in a positive, loving, spiritually growing environment. Everyone in our community carries a piece of the vision. Which piece are you carrying?



When there is a time of challenge in our community, we want to show our support to those in need. When it comes to helping in bringing aid to natural disasters, or simply showing our social activism, we want to stand as an example of strength. Through charitable contributions, holding benefit events, or fundraisers, we continue to help create solutions in a time of crisis. We invite you to be a part of this ongoing commitment. If you have a need or you are looking to be of service please contact:

A few ways CSLDallas has participated in the past:

Raise money for Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston. This image was created while a  benefit concert was happening. 

Raise money and support communities in CA after the 2018 Wildfires.

Adopted 2 families after Hurricane Katrina stranded so many folks in Dallas. Raised over $100,000 as a conduit for funds from other Centers for Spiritual Living. Purchased two used cars and helped people receive training for jobs here in Dallas. Provided volunteers and built cribs for the refugees in the Dallas Convention Center.

Sent medical supplies and eye glasses for 3 years to Tibet through a local community program.