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CSLDallas has a wide variety of offerings to choose from. In order to help best navigate you towards what resonates with you the most we have put the events into categories as well as have a traditional calendar view.


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Youth Events


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Home Study Groups

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What is A Home Study Group?

These are in-person/online study groups that happen throughout the year. They are designed to get you familiar with the key concepts of the Science of Mind and to give you a safe container to practice these principles with small groups of spiritual seekers just like you. They are Free and consist of Hosts and Participants.

The Host volunteers their time to help facilitate the group meeting while CSLDallas provides the curriculum. We always encourage those who have gone through these free engagements to become a host at some point to help in contributing to learning, spiritual exploration, and to share with your friends and family globally.

For those who wish to go on a self-guided process, we also offer them as E-Courses so that you can experience the benefits of the teachings while working them into your schedule. Our aspiration is that at some point you will also join the groups and learn and practice together.

Ongoing Home Study Groups

Meet monthly to learn, grow and practice authentic spiritual living. To get into an Ongoing Home Study Group or create one of your own, contact Rev Patti at

Home Study Group Programs

6-8 week programs offered 3 times a year. These groups meet weekly and follow the videos and workbooks that are carefully created and provided to everyone. Each year, the programs have a different theme. See below for 2023’s programs:

Step Out in Faith:

Our spring program focuses on the practical application of our spiritual principles and practices to everyday living.  2023’s “Emergence – Growing the Garden of Your Life” is now available as a self-directed e-course.

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Journey to Awakening:

The summer is devoted to raising consciousness, going deeper, and becoming more spiritually aware.  2023’s “The Soul is Calling” runs June 4th to July 9th.  Learn more and register for the program.



Adventures in Spirit:

In the fall we explore how well we harvest from Universal Abundance and are growing and sharing our prosperity. 2023’s program runs from October 1 to October 31.  Learn more and register for the program.


Each program includes: 

  • Online and in-person home study groups to connect and go deep.
  • Videos and Workbook exclusively for members of a home study group.
  • Inspirational Sunday music & messages to kick off each week’s exploration.

Every week you will: 

  • Participate in interactive exercises.
  • Deepen through spiritual practice.
  • Connect with authentic sharing.
  • Experience your soul in a whole new way.
  • Engage with your life in a more soulful manner.