Spiritual COACHES Directory


Are you ready to manifest something great in your life? Do you want to change old habits and become more fully your authentic self? Are you tired of facing the same issues? Are you ready to deepen spiritually and become more powerful metaphysically? Then it’s time to start seeing a spiritual coach!

You can make an appointment with a Spiritual Coach for spiritual support during a particularly challenging time. You work with a Spiritual Coach while you are building a new business or demonstrating something great in your life. You can see a Spiritual Coach on a regular basis, as part of your ongoing spiritual well-being regimen. You can even see one on occasion for a “spiritual checkup,” or to express gratitude for your current blessings, to keep those blessings coming. Your Spiritual Coach holds the entire content of your session in confidentiality.

Spiritual coaching sessions last for about an hour and have a fee associated with them. In the session, you describe what you would like to experience in your life—health, financial, relationship, etc. Next, you and your Licensed Professional Spiritual Coach explore, from a spiritual point of view, the changes in your thinking and belief system to help align you with your stated desire. Your Spiritual Coach then supports you through affirmative intentional spoken words (spiritual mind treatment) and by offering other spiritual practice suggestions.