Jim Berrong

You get to choose your life experiences. You have access to the Power that is always working for your good transforming your life’s experiences to all that you are here to be.
This is what I’ve learned and have embraced, practiced, and experienced through the philosophy, teachings, and practice of Science of Mind. I worked to become a licensed spiritual coach with CSLDallas, so I can help you move toward that same experience for yourself, be it concerning one situation you want to change or more.
For me, this quest began in high school, understanding my spiritual nature, eventually leading me from the Presbyterian church, to spiritual studies independent of any organized religion, to the Seventh Day Adventist church, back to Christianity, and finally to new thought. In 1997 it was Unity, then Unitarian-Universalism, and ultimately Science of Mind in 2008 which, for me, made the way life works and why I’m here crystal clear. I’ve been able to increasingly experience those moments of connection and clarity throughout the day. And when those moments of disconnection occur, and they do, even when they’re very deep, I’ve been able to release the barriers to my good and open again to my spiritual truth such that I can stand on solid ground and experience being the unique expression of God, of Love, of that Source of Life Itself that I am. I’m here to help you do the same, be it for one prayer session, one coaching session, or a series of coaching sessions.
My increasing desire to serve and help others in our community and beyond lead me to this level of commitment. I gratefully serve you, our community, CSLDallas, in this very important, impactful, and life-enhancing way as a licensed spiritual coach.