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The Power of Affirmations in healing

“Medical science has long understood the power of a positive attitude, the placebo effect, and the power of our self-image and self-talk to impact our physical as well as emotional idea of our lives. Neuroscience is beginning to understand the powerful and long-term impact that we ourselves can have on the thoughts and feelings that impact our physical well-being and our ability to heal.”


Biologically, psychologically, and emotionally – whether we tend to work alone or love being in the midst of a crowd – as humans, we need belonging and are designed for connection. You’d think that because this is so innate to our being, that finding and being in relationships that are loving, mutually supportive, and fulfilling would be easy. But no, the irony is how challenging having a great relationship actually is.

What makes it so difficult and what can we do about it?


It starts in kindergarten, where we learn that our attitude matters. In school and sports, we are told we can if we think we can. As we become adults we learn about intention and goal setting. From psychology we are taught that our expectations tend to become reality through what is known as the “self-fulfilling prophecy” of our thinking. Somewhere along the line we are exposed to the idea of visualizing the outcome, using affirmations, and the power available to us in the movie “The Secret.”


Practical Application of Science of Mind is a 3-part series created by Dr Petra for the Science of Mind Magazine. These publications were originally published in fall of 2019 and are available here:


“They say “ignorance is bliss” and that “you can’t not know what you now know.” What they don’t say is that along this beautiful and joyous path to a deeper, more authentic you, connected to a richer, more reliable Divine Power and Presence there are powerful, sometimes perilous, initiations we all go through. And because we don’t talk about these moments along the path, many of us come to them unaware, surprised at how difficult or painful the passage can be, and uncertain whether we wouldn’t just rather go back to sleep or find an easier way. “