Masters In Consciousness

Masters in Consciousness Studies Program

The Call to Spirituality is a Call to a State of Being

This unique program is dedicated to educating spiritual seekers and leaders through offering an extraordinary distance education program in Consciousness Studies which focuses on the fusion of science with spirituality, leadership, education, psychology, philosophy, and most of the major religions in the world.

Our spirits ignite when we are doing what we love. You will find your experience at the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies unlike any other path you have ever traveled. Prepare to immerse yourself in the great spiritual, philosophical and scientific teachings of the world, and through them deepen your  spirituality and spiritual leadership. Our students are absorbed in their studies, find lifetime friends among their classmates, and love their personal growth and unfoldment at Holmes Institute.

The program aims at creating awareness of the consciousness within people and taking hold of it to create something powerful: a need for peace and happiness among the global community. The courses within the program have been tailor-made by well-established, famed university professors, authors, researchers and established scholars who have understand a deep study into their concept of choice.

The Masters in Consciousness Studies Program is a three year distance learning degree program which comprises of eighteen courses. The courses are quite intense and require dedication, internal reflection and a willingness to search deep within to understand and define your consciousness. Once you can do this, the program will help you develop a growing career trajectory.

For students with a bachelor’s degree who want to go deeper into their spiritual development may receive a Masters in Consciousness through Holmes Institute without participating in the School of Spiritual Leadership Ministerial Training.

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Masters in Consciousness