Revised and updated 2021

We want every experience you have with the CSLDallas community to be a pleasurable one.  If you have any questions or you are running into an issue, please check our FAQ section below. If you are still are experiencing problems, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I find/see the livestream?

  1. Make sure that you are on the correct page on social media. 
    • Facebook Live:
    • YouTube Live:
    • You can find it on our Website’s Homepage on Sunday mornings before our Sunday Celebration starts:
  2. There’s also the chance that our livestream may be experiencing technical difficulties; check back in a few minutes or try refreshing your screen. 

How can I enjoy the best experience for the Livestream?

  1. Check the audio settings on your device. For things such as cellphones, you may want to use headphones. 
  2. Check your internet connection, if you are in an area that has bad reception this will affect your experience. 
  3. Try changing the website you are viewing it from. You may want to switch from Youtube to Facebook to view the livestream (if available). 
  4. Try changing your device. Using your phone will give you a much different experience rather than using your TV to view a livestream 
  5. Post questions or comments in the chat (or comments) section of the broadcast. We are monitoring this so often we can start a side discussion or bring it to the attention of the presenter. 
  6. We are always growing into our best selves and sometimes we experience technical issues, we want to hear your technical feedback, however texting or calling staff directly will not help. Usually, we do not have our phones on us during a livestreamYou can post it in the comments of the livestream or the best practice is to email to tell us what the issue is for ongoing issues that do not become resolved during the time of the broadcast. 
  7. Make sure you are getting our weekly emails. We always put the latest information within our weekly emails. If you are not seeing these, make sure to check your spam folder. The emails will be coming from CSLDallas. If you still do not see them there you can sign up for our weekly emails by going to and navigate to the bottom of the home page, on the left-hand side on the very bottom of the page you will see the “sign up for newsletter” section. If you are having issues, please send an email to and someone will respond to help

How to I register for a class?

We use 2 different registration portals for our events and courses. The most common one is Fellowship 1.

Some common issues are: 

  1. For first-time registrants, you will be prompted to create an account. Once you created an account you will then need to navigate back to the page with the course and click on the register link once again. This will allow you to then register for the course. 
  2. All the information you will need for the course will be provided in the confirmation email. Please make sure to download any materials and save this email because you will need it for things such as Zoom Meeting Links. If you are having issues entering a course, please contact our tech support team by emailing If you are not able to join, this will not count against you and we will notify the teacher to resolve any issues prior to the next course.