Belonging and connection are the cure for today’s hectic pace and the anonymity of the modern lifestyle. People who belong to a spiritual community create deeper friendships, find ways to give meaningful service, and live at least 7 years longer and healthier lives. Spiritual community is the perfect spiritual laboratory in which to explore intentional living and practice spiritual maturity. It is a conscious choice to give and receive on many levels.

Now that you’ve found your tribe, met your people, and know that you are home, it’s time to go deeper. CSLDallas invites you to be a member. Membership is your declaration that this is your spiritual home and that you belong. Membership has benefits of leadership, voting, and inclusion to special opportunities in the life of the community. Membership carries the responsibility of contribution in time, talent, and financial support. This investment makes you an integral part of the consciousness and culture of CSLDallas. It’s also an accelerated path to spiritual growth.

To become a new member you first attend a free, 3-week New Member Class, commit to sacred service, and state your financial support.

Our New Member Class invites you to:BelongTribe

More about CSLDallas
How it works
Who does what
How you can find your way to fit in

The Science of Mind
5 Spiritual Practices
Opportunities for involvement
Responsibilities of membership

PrayerThe Center offers this course 2 times a year so please check the Calendar for the next New Member Class.

We celebrate your deeper commitment during our Sunday – New Member Ritual and Community Potluck. Join CSLDallas and find your place to belong!