Our Community Service Team identifies, educates and inspires our community to engage in compassionate service. There are ample opportunities for each of us to reach out, step up, and BE LOVE in action in the greater Dallas area. Look for these opportunities throughout the year and make a difference. You can also sign-up to be informed as opportunities come up by emailing Community Service.

Our Initiatives

Gooch Elementary

We have been a Community Partner for this DISD school for over 12 years. Gooch serves children who attend in brilliant ways, beginning with calling them scholars so they have their eyes set on college. 65% of their scholars are in a family that lives below the poverty line. Our community is passionate about supporting them. Every year we collect funds to assist in funding at least 100 school uniforms. We also raise funds to provide at least 100 Thanksgiving Baskets to ensure their families get to enjoy this holiday together in a special way. We have also built gardens, provided mentors, supported their annual carnival, and painted the playground equipment. We continue to evolve our ongoing relationship with this amazing school and support their scholars and families.

CSLDallas is proud to have been named Outstanding Faith-Based Partner 2015-2016 by DISD. Here’s what they wrote: CSLDallas, a Center for Spiritual Living described as diverse, radically inclusive, “not your-usual church.” And for more than ten years, Rev Karen, Dr Petra, and CSLDallas have partnered with Gooch Elementary School, supporting a positive community culture at the school. This year alone they have donated hundreds of personalized school uniforms, provided for families at-risk, and assisted with other school needs. [Then] Principal Karen Ashmore and Counselor Valerie Smith credit this partnership as an integral part of increased academic progress at Gooch Elementary School.

Nonprofit Partners

We provide financial support and volunteer hours to our Nonprofit partners throughout the year and for special projects. To find out who our Annual Nonprofit Partners are CLICK HERE.

“It is quite a burden lifted when we realize we do not have to move the world – it is going to move anyway. This realization does not lessen our duty or our social obligation. It clarifies it. It enables us to do joyously, and free from morbidity, that which we should do in the social state.”

– Ernest Holmes

Green Community

CSLDallas is a green community. We practice this in our kitchens, offices, and around our entire campus. We also inspire our community members to take up a green consciousness in their homes workplaces, and while they are out and about in their daily lives.

Earth Day Cleanup