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our personal growth, emotional intelligence, and mind/body wellness is significantly enhanced through ongoing participation in our Personal Growth courses. At CSLDallas we understand that Spiritual Living is based on a mature spiritual psychology. We also believe that global transformation begins by creating a life that works for each person. This forms the spiritual, emotional and behavioral intelligence which contributes to shifting collective consciousness and creating a world that works.

Throughout the year we provide a multitude of opportunities for students to participate in various types and lengths of courses. These courses are offered by qualified members of the Community and Licensed Spiritual Coaches.

There may be prerequisites to attend these classes, so please look in the in each class before you register. For more information and registration you can find each course listed in our Current Schedule and in the Events Calendar. The Annual Course Schedule is created each Fall. If you are interested in offering a Personal Growth class, please contact Dr Petra.

Exploratory Courses

Want to know more about spiritual living, meditation, and metaphysical teachings? Ready to explore the spiritual principles and practices CSLDallas has to offer? Then these exploratory courses are for you! Three courses to give you a taste. Take one, take them all, and jump in any time. Join us both virtually and in person to see how these ideas can enhance your journey of spiritual awakening. Let’s dive in together! Each 3-hour course introduces the art and science of spiritual living and transformation and how to put it to use in your life.

Keys Module 1: Expanding Consciousness

Keys Module 2: Spiritual Practice

Keys Module 3: Spiritual Path

The Annual Course Schedule is created each Fall. If you are interested in offering a Personal Growth class, please contact Dr Petra.

Spiritual Development

licensed Spiritual Coach Training

Personal Development and Wellness

School of Spiritual Leadership –

Ministry Training

Intentionality &  Mindfulness in  business & Leadership

Masters in Consciousness

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The Discounts and Policies Page provides more details on policies and procedures such as attendance; payment and discounts; auditing, transferring and online courses; and other general information.

We welcome you to experience this great adventure. We are here to support, encourage, coach and empower you as you explore the courses and categories for your unfolding journey.  May your journey be fruitful and passionate, deepening and revealing. May you come to know your Self as you experience the Power of Co-creation and the Presence of the Divine.

Dr. Petra Weldes,  Director, CSLDallas Institute