Keys to Expanding Consciousness

This is specifically for anyone new to CSLDallas, Science of Mind, New Thought or Metaphysics. A great place to start!

You have heard the terms “consciousness” and “living consciously” and while that’s all well and good, just what is “consciousness”? Let’s explore “the development of consciousness” through this experiential class discovering the underlying factors influencing your thoughts and behavior that allow you to create ways to live consciously. A big piece centers around the Law of Attraction and the Creative Process. We know as we develop self-awareness and spiritual practices, we are able to consciously embrace personal growth and make empowered choices. Start expanding your consciousness now!

Together we focus on understanding the underlying factors that influence human thoughts and behavior, the development of consciousness, and ways to live more consciously. This course includes developing self-awareness and revealing and dismantling the false beliefs and subconscious conditioning that inform and drive our decisions, actions and reactions. This course introduces the idea that through self-awareness and spiritual practice, we can consciously embrace personal growth and enjoy a life of empowered choice.

Length of Class: 6 Hours

Prerequisite: None

Textbooks: None

Tuition: $49

This is a  Science of Mind, Exploratory Course.


New Dates Coming Soon