Discounts and Policies

Current Schedule

Discounts for Science of Mind Classes

Revised & Updated for 2023

Science of Mind Courses Levels 1 & 2


Type of Discount Details

Team Lead Discount

Core Chairs, Team Leads,

JOY Village Teachers

For every six months of service, receive 100% off tuition. Student still pays $45 registration fee.
Work Study 25% Discount

Core Members, Audit, Double Work Study

50% Discount 

Practitioners, Ministers, and Devoted Members 75% Discount
New Member Discount $100 Off (One-time use within the first year of membership)

Technical Assistant – FREE Tuition

Every course may require an in-house technical assistant. The technical aspects are not difficult, so anyone who has a little extra time can do it with our training.  Please let Dr. Petra know you want to be trained.

 Inward Journey, Licensed spiritual Coach Training, and all 9 month courses

Full or Trimester  Type of Discount  Who Qualifies 
Trimester 25% Discount per Term Team Leaders, JOY Village Teachers and Assistants
Trimester 50% Discount per Term Audit, 2 Work Study Discounts
Full Only  10% Early Registration Discount  Off Full Tuition Only. Must register by the Sunday before course starts.

Work Study

Get a 25% tuition discount in exchange for working in the office. In some cases, you can qualify for two Work Study discounts for a single class.
You cannot collect Work Study Credits. You need to do the Work Study during the same time period as the class. Contact the CSLDallas Office to Apply!


CSLDallas does not currently have funds to scholarship people who do not have the financial means to pay for a course. We highly recommend you take advantage of the team leader, Joy Village or work study discounts. However, an instructor may, at their discretion, choose to provide a special discount. Please check with the instructor of the course to apply.


Students who have successfully completed any certificated course within the last 3 years may audit the class for a 50% Discount. Auditing non-certificated courses  is at the discretion of the instructor. Courses may be audited as many times as desired. Auditing students are requested to do all homework assignments and projects. The student will not receive a new certificate. A new completion date will be entered into the CSLDallas database, which may be necessary to meet the requirements for Spiritual Coach Training or Ministerial Studies.

Payment and Refund Policy

Courses must be paid in full by the last class before a student may register for another course.

Refunds are available when the course has been paid in full, based on the following:

The notification of dropping a course is made within the first week of a 4 to 6-week course, within the first two (2) weeks for an 8 week course,  within the first three (3) weeks  for a 10 week course, or within the first six (6) weeks for a 9 month course.

Please inform the Teacher that you need to drop the class and why. If your request is within the allotted time frame, a refund will be generated.

Receiving  Credit for a Certificated Science of Mind and Spirit Class

To receive credit for a Science of Mind course, you must complete all attendance, homework and financial requirements by the last class. Any modifications to a scheduled course after it begins will be discussed in the class and will be agreed upon by both students and the instructor.



There is a limit to the number of absences allowed for Science of Mind courses. You may miss 1 time in any 4 to 6 week course and makeup work will be required, 2 times in an 8+ weeks course, with makeup work required for the 2nd missed class. We highly encourage you to Zoom in if you are not able to be in the class, physically. For Inward Journey, Deep Mysticism, and Spiritual Coach Training, only one absence per each 10-week term is permitted.


Courses may be canceled if there are 5 or fewer students registered. If this occurs, all payments will be refunded immediately through the Center’s Accounting Office.

The Annual Course Schedule

The Schedule is created each Fall. If you are interested in offering a Personal Growth, Wellness, Meditation, Mindfulness or compatible Business Course for the following year, please contact Dr Petra.