Ernest Holmes Life & Times

The Science of Mind gives us the passion for a new possiblity along with precise and clear directions for building a new matrix of mind and manifestation. It shows us how to activate the constructive imagination and how to hold in thought and feeling the intention and energy for healing, wholing, and cocreation. – Jean Houston

Who was this man, the founder of Science of Mind? How did Dr Ernest Holmes come to formulate and put together the Science of Mind and one of the greatest spiritual technologies know to humankind (Spiritual Mind Treatment)?

Be inspired by Ernest Holmes’ life and deepen your understanding of Science of Mind. Discover the path of Ernest Holmes, a great scholar, teacher, metaphysician, and visionary who from his youth exhibited an insatiable curiosity about science, philosophy, religion and the intersectionality of the three.


Length of Class: 7 Weeks

Text Books:

  • Ernest Holmes: His Life and times (Out of print and will be provided digitally)

Optional Reading:

  • Open At the Top: The Life of Ernest Holmes by Neal Vahle
  • That Was Ernest, by Reginald Armor
  • The Science of Mind 1938 Edition, by Ernest Holmes

Tuition: $220.00

We recommend you first take Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, or Foundations. This will better prepare you for the core concepts used in this course, but they are not required to take Level Two courses.

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL TWO Philosophy Course

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Thursdays, Sep 5 - Oct 17

7:00-  9:30pm CST


Led By Dr Petra Weldes