Journey of the Soul

Journey of the Soul invites you to affirm and experience your inner divinity and, at the same time, honor your humanness and appreciate the beauty of who you are right here and now on your path to higher expressions of your divine nature. The most common themes in this course are looking for the magic, the opportunity for growth, and the sacredness in every situation in life, especially the challenging ones. Of course, this also means looking for the magic and sacredness within ourselves.

The emphasis on honoring the Divine, found within new thought teachings, is complemented by the emphasis on spiritual psychology to honor our humanity as well as our divinity. When we embrace and express what we consider to be our weaknesses and our shadow self, we bring them out of the darkness and into the light of our divinity. Adding training tools for healing emotions and honoring our humanity allows for a balanced and guided approach to growth and transformation.

Specifically, the course will invite you to:

  • Define the Soul and Identify as It
  • Discover the Sacredness in Life Experience
  • Increase Self Love
  • Experience Oneness through Deep Meditation
  • Demonstrate the Thought Shifting Practice
  • Honor, Heal and Redirect Emotional Patterns
  • Explore the Sacredness and Magnificence of the Body, Sensations, and Sexuality
  • Identify and Direct Your Soul/Life Purpose

In practicing Science of Mind and The Journey of the Soul, we are called to see the divine in all things and all people, and in so doing, respect diversity as the magnificence of creation in form; that it is Oneness expressed through multiplicity, which demonstrates as inclusion. Inclusion is a demonstrated respect for, and an appreciation and celebration of, differences in ethnicity, gender and gender expression, culture, history, experience, talents, abilities, age, national origin, sexual orientation, education, economic status, social status, religion, and any other individualized or group expression.

Length of Class: 6-weeks

Prerequisite: 1 Level One Course

Course Hours: 18

Text Books: The Magic of the Soul – Patrick J. Harbula

Tuition: $150

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL TWO Elective Core Course

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