For fast acting relief, try slowing down. Lily Tomlin

Lion tamers go into cages with their whips and sometimes a pistol at their side to put on a good show, but a stool is the most important prop of their trade. When the trainer holds the stool by its seat and thrusts the legs at the face of the lion, it’s said the wild animal attempts to focus on all four legs at once. This creates a paralysis that confuses, overwhelms, and incapacitates the beast, rendering it more docile.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by piles of e-mails waiting in your inbox, phone calls needing to be returned, meetings necessitating your planning, staff wanting a moment of your time, bills needing to be paid, and family longing to be with you? When your to-do list gets too long and you’re overloaded with demands for your attention, you can feel incapacitated by the sheer number of tasks awaiting you. It’s time to prioritize. Get help from someone you trust to figure out which tasks you can delegate, those you can dump, and which ones you must address. Always remember that the number one thing is to start every day with a few minutes of quiet time and connect with your Life Source. Making this your daily practice will help you to focus and be more energized which will, in turn, help you to accomplish more.

Spiritual Contemplation: Prioritize your to-do list of tasks. Identify the ones you must do, and do them, and dump or delegate the others, but do it now so it’s not hanging over you.

Affirmation: I am focused!

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