“I would like to suggest that mankind stands now at the very beginning, not at the ending of the human race. [We are] just now beginning to discover who [we are] and what [we are] and what [we] can do. The answers are tumbling out and mankind hungrily devours these crumbs of truth that fall from the great table of Infinite Mind.”

Dr. Ernest Holmes, “Letters From Other Dimensions,” 1974

With the start of a New Year, I find that this quotation is a timely reminder that each moment we are at the beginning of something new, and we are the creator of it.  As Ernest Holmes eloquently declared in Words That Heal Today (Page 116.3).  “As individuals, we cannot wait for the whole mass of humanity properly to interpret the blueprint of the Divine Plan.” – Thus, it is incumbent on each of us to begin where we are to build from the Divine blueprint that enriches all.

Let us begin: In this moment of a new day, a new year, I recognize the blueprint encoded within my being, within all beings.  We are immersed in One Magnificent Life, the Life that is Spirit within all.  This Life is Whole, Complete, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent. This Life is Singular while expressing infinite form in and as all there is. Since there is only the One, what is true for me is true for everyone and everything, and so I speak my word for every minister, practitioner, and congregant in every Center for Spiritual Living, for all teachers and students of Truth everywhere, for Mother Earth and all life in and upon her.

We are the Divine Plan, expressing at the level of our understanding as we build upon a foundation of clear, honest communication between individuals and nations; as we cultivate peace within ourselves and thereby radiate that peace into the world. Whatever appears to be dis-eased dissolves into nothingness in the Light of our inherent wholeness, wellness, and vitality.  Where damage has been done to planet Earth, healing has begun; wherever lack and limitation appear to be preset, fulfillment and prosperity now emerge; wherever a heart feels burdened the Living Presence overflows it with comfort and love.  Clarity and wisdom now fill each mind and heart with the Omniscience of the One.

Now we have become the embodiment of the Divine Plan, built with “…that true material which is formed from the substance of love, of co-operation and of peace.” I rejoice in gratitude with awareness of the One, in all as All.  With confidence in the Divine Principle which acts upon my word, I let it be so, and so it is.

Love, Peace, Abundance of All Good,
Rev. Wyona Nilson, RScP
Phoenix AZ