The Coming of the Cosmic Christ: Celebrating Christmas

Humanity has been awed by shamans, shamed by priests, and longed for saviors. Wise women, enlightened gurus, and spiritual teachers have continually lifted our hearts and fed our souls. Over the centuries Ancient Wisdom and New Thought have become woven together, bringing a new awareness of truth that frees our mind and awakens our spirit. Yet there is more to come. An Emergence is now called for – a coming of the cosmic Christ. Celebrate answering the call with your love and light! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! We are the second coming. AS we bring love and light into the world through the holidays, we are reminded that this is who we are and how we want to ive, 365 days of the year.

The Emerging Beloved Community: Celebrating Kwanzaa

Light and Love are not just abstract principles, nor pious spiritual ideals. They are only made real in the grit and pressure of connection and community. It is easy to be enlightened alone, but as we all know, wherever two or more are gathered, differences appear.Spiritual maturity is most evident when we actualize love and light in the midst of discord. Oneness is most evident when we live from love in the care and respect for others
Wholeness is most evident when we bring light to our impact on the community(s) in which we live. The Principles of Kwanzaa bring forward the integrity of the ancestors into our challenging world today. Every day that we affirm, commit to, and actualize love and light in our dealings with the planet, our nation, and each other, we are part of the emerging beloved community.