Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.  Alan Watts

Let go of the illusion of attempting to get somewhere and relax in the timeless here and now so you might observe with ease and grace all that transitions through your awareness. Create space in your awareness so you can allow happenings and understandings to present themselves without your packaging them in preconceived notions inside your head. In doing so, you will bring a mindfulness to the experience that is not entangled in the particular of the moment and autonomous of the happening.

When you can let go of the need to identify and label you will find liberation and can go large or small, unfocused or specific depending on the appropriate call of the moment. You can enter specific stories or conflicts without needing what you want to have to happen for your happiness. You are no longer dependent on outcome, which frees you to see a larger truth than what your mind has conjured up. You are witnessing your consciousness, actions, and growth in relation to what is playing out in your world. You are freed from the pain or pleasure by just noticing it and making room for whatever you find going on in a wakeful awareness, so you can move on.

Spiritual Contemplation: Find some time to just sit and notice all thoughts and circumstances that come to your awareness without judgment. Instead of pushing anything away, resist not and let it have space so what’s next and now may float into your wakeful, witnessing self.

Affirmation: I see without judgment!