We are not limited by actual boundaries, but by false ideas about life and by a failure to recognize that we are dealing with the Infinite. Ernest Holmes

When I took geology in high school, I was fascinated by the idea of geological time. In geological time it takes tens, even hundreds of thousands of years for anything to really change. Annual changes in the earth’s crust, for instance, are measured in millimeters, but over the millennia these changes add up to continental drift and even massive slow-motion collisions.  The same is true for time as measured by starlight. The distances are so vast that the light from the stars we see has been traveling for hundreds of thousands of light-years across space to reach our eyes. This is a completely different time sense than the one that rushes you around from appointment to deadline to a fear that you will never get everything done. This same fear pushes us to try never to make mistakes and to get everything right. When we don’t, we wonder if we will ever grow up, or become spiritually mature, or experience true abundance.

Relax. Your life has an even longer time scale than geological time or even time calculated in light years. You are an immortal, deathless being of light, whose timeline for growth and expansion is the eternal infinite Reality of Life Itself. So remember, you have eternity to get it right, figure it out, and realize your full spiritual reality. Surely along the way you will discover that Abundance is already here.

Spiritual Contemplation: In the ultimate scheme of the Universe, how critical is this need or problem. In three months, five years, the next lifetime, or over eternity, how important is it really? How does this perspective shift everything?

Affirmation: Abundance, Joy, Health, and Love are my birthright. I have eternity to discover and experience all of Who I Am.