Only a change in consciousness can bring improved conditions. If there is an area of struggle in your life, then consciousness must be lifted above the human condition in order to live in the abundance that life is. Fighting the situation doesn’t bring freedom; the battle just energizes the disorder by feeding it your energy and keeping it more alive. Liberty comes by shifting your consciousness and seeing the larger picture. What is known within out-pictures in your life and contributes to the world. Take the evolution of the Divine out of the hands of the world by returning to Spirit the authority for the emergence of Spirit in your life.

Spirit reveals truth right where the picture of error is. Let me hear thy word.  Joel Goldsmith

But a different perspective isn’t about what it can do for you and your family alone. Rather the degree of spiritual abundance that you achieve in your life is measured by what you give back to the world, quickening the abundance of freedom for all. When you leave this world, you take nothing but the qualities of your being with you. What’s the big deal about how much you can possess or control if you leave it all behind? If you are a place of spiritual flow, then the battle for conditions won’t be your thing because you are free in your ability to shift the causation in consciousness to something larger.

Spiritual Contemplation: Do you hold a quarter so tight you can hear the eagle scream? What conditions would you like to stop holding on to so tightly with the battles in your consciousness? What larger picture of the abundant flow of life could replace what you are struggling with?

Affirmation: A larger, more abundant vision emerges in my consciousness to share with the world!