Change and disruption require us to embrace many things that are different than what we are used to. This can be both annoying and exhilarating, challenging or creative, all at the same time. Which side of the spectrum we are on depends on how we take it up. We can take it up with complaint and resistance or with possibility and exploration.

Evolution is always moving in the direction of newness through expansion, progression, and mutation. Eventually, this becomes a complete transformation. You can embrace transformation by allowing yourself to be evolved and expanded. Every time you try something new, whether it’s a new program, a new idea, a new awareness, or a new habit, you increase the possibility that your expression of your self is mutated and that you are progressing toward being more of who you really are.

Lose the chains of habit, toss back the cover of comfort, and decide to try every new thing with the curiosity and exuberance of a child. This keeps you young and flexible, growing and learning, and moving in the direction of your greater good, in alignment with the very nature and trajectory of Life Itself.