Human life runs its course in the metamorphosis between receiving and giving.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A spiritual community I had started in the Northwest decided to remodel a space to create our own sanctuary. Our community came together in a barn raising–like experience and put in hundreds of hours over the next two months to create our new home. It then became clear that we needed a podium for our new sanctuary; and since podiums are a tool of a minister’s trade, I was delegated to find one I liked. Whew, now that was a challenge. Not wanting a large, imposing thing to stand behind, or a Plexiglas see-through stand that felt like a business meeting, I searched and looked in every catalogue I could find.

Then one day an eighty-year-old gentleman from our community offered to build me a podium. He’d just retired and taken up woodworking and wanted to give me a gift. In the past I would have said no. Not feeling worthy, not wanting to put him out, afraid that I wouldn’t like it, or wondering if I could make sure he did it right, somehow, I would have managed to reject the gift. This time I simply said yes. To my surprise he measured my height and carefully quizzed me about my furniture style. Two months later he brought me the most simple, light, and beautiful podium I had ever seen . . . all because I was willing to accept his gift.

Spiritual Contemplation: How are you with receiving gifts? Do you reject them? Try to control them? When have you allowed someone to gift you in a way that truly filled your heart and life with abundance?

Affirmation: I accept my good through the gifts that others give me. I release any need to hide, deny, or control how my good comes to me.