The argumentative method of spiritual mind treatment is a series of affirmation and denials, for the purpose of building up in the mind a state of realization and acceptance of truth.  Ernest Holmes

It’s always nice to pray when all is well. But often we pray when we’re concerned about a condition. On this level you have to deny your beliefs in the conditions and replace them with the spiritual truth. You aren’t attempting to change anything, but through Spiritual Mind Treatment you raise your awareness to the next level, which is communion with Spirit. The realization of Spirit from a higher place dissolves the illusion of the lower physical senses. All error is part of the hypnotic trance operating in the realm of belief. Once you separate the belief from your consciousness and return to the Divine realization, there is no room for otherness.

Your personal spiritual work is to realize that Spirit is all there is and is appearing as you. It is to bring your consciousness into the alignment of the wholeness and perfection that already exists. Affirmative Prayer (spiritual mind treatment) doesn’t bring Spirit into your experience because Spirit is already there, but this doesn’t do you any good if you don’t realize it. So when you know the truth that is already you, you’ll be set free. Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) knows that truth. It’s that progression of consciousness moving from having faith in your beliefs to having faith of Spirit, which has no opposites, no duality. Give yourself a spiritual mind treatment until you no longer have to remind yourself of the spiritual truth that Spirit is in and through all. And it is Spirit’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Spiritual Contemplation: What beliefs don’t you want anymore? Allow your awareness to catch a greater spiritual realization that will lift you above the hypnotic trance of limitation. Rest in the knowingness that Spirit is all there is and allow that realization to out-picture as your life, now.

Affirmation: I use Spiritual Mind treatment daily to know that Spirit is all there is to my life!