When we understand the way all things actually exist, rather than how we would wish them to, then the abundance of all the ten directions and the three times, as vast as space, become ours; and anything else pales in comparison.  Martin Kovan on Buddhism and Abundance

Craving things, needing stuff, and wanting the latest gadget are not true expressions of abundance. Focusing on what we don’t have makes us work even harder on our abundance. We succumb to false stimulation and desires that are heightened by advertisers playing on our egoic need to compare and our belief that our good comes from buying or owning.

We are meant to live an abundant life that is rich in meaning, purpose, contribution, and joy. This will most certainly include “things” that are means to the end of helping us express and experience our purpose. Other things are ends in themselves, such as the belief that “when I have that boat, then I’ll be happy!” or “when I get that job, or promotion, or check or . . . (fill-in-the-blank), then I’ll be happy.”

Begin with who you are, why you are here, and what you have to share. Claim that everything you need to express your purpose and share your gifts is already manifesting itself for you, easily and effortlessly. Notice how your abundant life grows and expands in ways that are truly amazing!

Spiritual Contemplation: Are there things you want out of an ego need or sense of lack or less than? Begin to focus on things that are required for you to express and experience your true purpose. What will bring an abundance of joy?

Affirmation: I release any sense of comparison or “less-than” thinking. My life fully supports my true purpose, bring abundance into my life.