Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Franklin Roosevelt

Too often we don’t make the effort to really push through on accomplishment. We think that if something isn’t easy, somehow it isn’t meant to be. In our instant gratification society, if we can’t look it up in fifteen seconds or buy it in a minute, we can become easily frustrated. Yet we are here to enjoy the creativity of our lives and the power of the creative force as it moves through us.

“Sustained effort” and “trying too hard” are two completely different things. Trying too hard causes you to stop being aware of what’s going on, and you end up feeling like you’re pushing the river. Sustained effort, however, is simply consistent, persistent attention to the issue, so that forward progress becomes unavoidable. It’s like the difference between racing up the mountain and arriving exhausted and spent, or climbing the mountain while enjoying the progress and arriving ready to take in the view and savor the accomplishment.

Spiritual Contemplation: Am I giving up too easily because it “feels hard”? The question is—is it worth doing and doing well?

Affirmation: I know that spirit supports every effort I make to express my creativity and purpose. I am not easily deterred from my goal. I press on in confidence and joy.

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