Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are. Jo Blackwell-Preston

Karma relationships are those that we call into our lives in order to learn and grow and work out our issues. These are the ones in which we attract someone who is really the opposite of us in some significant way. Initially we love it—eventually it really irritates us. All the arguing and need for them to be different is simply our unwillingness to learn what they are there to teach us. We will be in these relationships over and over again as long as we are unwilling to move into new ways of being. I think of it as our being invited to move toward the middle, toward each other in a way that allows both sides to actually be available to us. When I can speak AND be quiet, for instance, then both are readily available to me to choose from.

As we mature and grow into our greater selves, and when we have released many of our old patterns and unhealed past, we become ready for Dharma relationships. In Dharma relationships we do not face toward each other, but rather we grow and learn side by side. We are mutually supportive of each of us living our purpose. The relationship itself may become a vehicle through which we express and live our purpose. These relationships are truly building Heaven on Earth.

Spiritual Contemplation: Which of my relationships are, or have been, Karma relationships? Which ones are Dharma relationships? Am I ready to move from Karma to Dharma relationships?

Affirmation: I release any unwillingness to learn what you have to teach me. I move toward that which you are inviting me to grow into. I am free to live my purpose!