Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.  Bill Gates

Climate change is our youth’s civil rights movement of this era. Whether you believe the weather is doing something drastically different or not, there is no denying the uprising of the collective voice that is saying enough is enough to the abuse of this planet. We can no longer take, take, take, and trash, trash, trash without destroying the balance of our delicate ecosystem. Ignoring the alarm is no longer an acceptable choice. The snooze button has been hit about as many times as possible.

Rather than submitting to climate despair or taking the gamble of doing nothing, we the people must take the lead in showing and discovering new ways of being on this planet. Alternatives and resolutions are already available, but a new meme must be embraced for behavior to change. It’s obvious that the billions of individuals who share this planet are depleting the common resources at an unsustainable rate—we are at a point where a leap must be made to a new way of being together. The human species has always made that evolutionary leap when it had to, and there is no doubt it will again. But the time is now, and the now generation is leading the way. Lend them your ears, your heart, and your cooperation—for this earth belongs to them and future generations.

Spiritual Contemplation: Take some time exploring what you can do to make less of an impact on the planet. Investigate alternative ways of behavior that are more environmentally friendly, and have some fun and radical conversations with your friends about that.

Affirmation: I hear the climate alarm and awaken to ways of being more harmonious on earth!