When I first began exploring a spiritual path, everyone I knew wanted to manifest a Mercedes sports car. I knew a couple of people who actually did so. But I couldn’t really understand what the big deal was. If I had that much money I wouldn’t spend it on a car—I’d spend it on a cabin in the woods. I wondered if this meant I had some kind of limited idea about what I deserved or could have. Gradually I discovered that I just had different aspirations and things that I wanted to do and experience. Not too much later I purchased, and lived in, my cabin in the woods.

What do abundance, success, and prosperity mean to you—money, fulfillment, happiness? Living a healthy, joyous, meaningful life? Family, Love, Beauty? Everyone’s idea or definition of Abundance ought to be their own. Don’t be swayed by others’ ideas of what you should have or do. Follow your own guidance to greater abundance!

Spiritual Contemplation: Spend some time writing about what an abundant life means and looks like to you.

Affirmation: I know Spirit supports my joyous, happy, fulfilled, and abundant life in whatever way I choose to experience and express it!