Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. H. Jackson Brown Jr.

When you walk into an old antique store, that’s called antiquing, you can sense stories and histories both rich and sad. As you pick up an item, you can feel your soul’s curiosity as to its history and how it ended up here. If it’s an authentic antique, it carries with it an emerging story and beckons you to be part of its history.

Like an antique shop, your subconscious is a storehouse of all your history, and is just waiting for you to discover the lost treasures of your soul. These rich and worthy memories of blessed times can enrich you with gifts of strength and courage. Dust off those noble aspects of yourself that somehow went by the wayside and now sit dust-covered in a corner. Go on an inner exploratory adventure to unearth the rich aspects of who you are that have long been cast off and forgotten. They are just beneath the surface when you begin to poke around. Remember the stories of times gone by that have blessed who you are in this world and spend some time in memory of your heart with some good old friends. So, go antiquing in your memories and remember how blessed your life has been and how the now reflects your beautiful history.

Spiritual Contemplation: Dust off some memories you haven’t visited in a while and allow your spirit to go on a recollecting journey. Have any of your soul lessons from that time been forgotten? Is it time to remember them now?

Affirmation: I wisely incorporate the gifts and lesson of life!