Thriving – A State of Being

Pledge Campaign Goal: $820,255 & 186 Pledgers

Every October, we delve into the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Abundance, Attraction, Circulation, Tithing, and Sacred Giving. Together, we cultivate prosperity consciousness and trust Spirit as our Source. Through our annual pledge program, we practice sacred giving according to these Laws. 

At CSLDallas, our programs and services rely solely on contributions from community members; we receive no external funding. To expand and achieve more, we must all give more. By pledging to CSLDallas for 2024, you form a sacred covenant with us, ensuring our transformative work continues. 

Your pledge, alongside others’, shapes our annual budget, and we promise to spend only what the community has pledged. Whether you’re a first-time pledger or a committed contributor, every pledge and dollar count. Join us in exceeding our goals and securing the prosperity and well-being of CSLDallas.

Our 2024 program is designed to feed the needs of our community, in person and online, while continuing to spread the message of Science of Mind, wherever there are spiritual seekers who are ready for a positive, practical spirituality and a community committed to practicing it together.


Offer a dynamic, engaging youth program on Wednesday nights for ages 3 to 18 for spiritual growth, for building friendships and for massive fun along the way.

CSLDallas as a Force for Good in the World  

1. We’ll gather for focused, consciousness-raising group meditation and spiritual mind treatment throughout the year and join the many groups offering similar gatherings focused on social/global topics. 

2. CSLDallas and Science of Mind will have an increased presence in DFW. Dr Petra will be engaged with Thanksgiving Square’s Faith Forward Dallas Think Tank and invited to speaker panels throughout Dallas. Dr Petra and others from our community will present to and train members of the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce. 

Spreading the Message  

1. We have grown our virtual presence because we are dedicated to teaching and practicing the Science of Mind wherever there are spiritual seekers. We are ranked #1 when someone searches for “Spiritual Center, Dallas.”  We will expand our #1 ranking in Google searches. 

2. Spirituality applied to daily life, real-world situations, and global topics with Dr Petra’s podcast, Spirituality in the Real World, will be available on all your favorite streaming platforms – spiritual inspiration and application available whenever you need it.


Why This Year's Theme Matters - Dr Petra Weldes, Spiritual Leader

We see individuals thriving, humanity thriving, and CSLDallas thriving so that we may support and empower the Awakening of Humanity to Its Spiritual Magnificence, and we work together to create a world that works for everyone and lives that work for each of us.

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Why This "Entity" Is a Constant in My Life - Randy Craig, AIS Co-Chair

By my own measure (not sure if anyone else has noticed ), I’ve come a long way down the path of understanding myself, the world around me, and how I fit into it.

The entity that is CSLDallas has played a huge part in my personal growth over the past 15 years….

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Sharing A Special Message - Georgeann Moss, CORE Council Chair

As we embark in this year’s Adventures in Spirit pledge campaign, I am particularly grateful for the many spiritual tools the Science of Mind provides to help us navigate tough times and situations: Spiritual Mind Treatments; Practicing the Presence; Self…

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The Place I Was Searching For - Dawn Ukpong, AIS Co-Chair

Most of my teenage and young adult years were spent in the Pentecostal Church. Although I was a good person, psychologically my life was consumed with guilt and fear. However, I embraced a career of caring for the sick…

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Giving Back to Our Local and Global Partners and Communities

Did you know?
For every dollar you give, CSLDallas tithes 10% to our national office, other CSLs, and local nonprofits.
By making a pledge to the Center in 2024, you have the privilege of selecting these local organizations.
Make your pledge today and nominate your favorite nonprofit by November 26th.


Financial Overview – July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

How Pledging Transforms Lives - Thriving Journeys From Our Community

Dana Jones

Giving is the practice of the law of circulation. It’s like a butterfly flapping its wings creating a tsunami of effects that creates energy and a vibrational flow that blesses all humanity. When I give, I know I’m in the flow of this law, energizing and transforming the life force in and around me.  

My life is a blessing, and I give to CSLDallas as it is the center from which I am fed and can freely practice this knowledge. The wisdom of the principles of love and law enrich my life, so I want it for others in our community and beyond. The more I give, the more I want to give to this positive life force that circulates and blesses in ways that exceed expectations! It’s a blessing to be in the flow!

Marcy Jordy

I tithe because I am spiritually fed by CSLDallas.  I have felt so supported and encouraged and have grown in many ways from the courses and the spiritual guidance.  I selfishly give because I want to enjoy these gifts for years to come.   

My finances have grown since I became seriously committed to CSLDallas: the more I gave, the more abundant my life became. I enjoyed steady income from my work and “coincidences” kept happening such as my husband getting a better job with better pay.  I was able to keep giving even as I worked fewer hours and eventually retired.  Now, I feel my life is more abundant than ever before – financially and in all ways. 

Jill Zeaglar

I tithe to CSLDallas because I have been spiritually fed by this community since 2013. After completing the Foundations Class and applying the spiritual principles of Science of Mind (SOM) to my life, my prosperity increased almost immediately in all areas of my life. I started a new business, and my clientele steadily increased which allowed me to do the things that I wanted like travelling. In 2020, I told a community member that I would be living in New Mexico by the end of 2022. So, I started working with practitioners, did spiritual mind treatment for my life, started affirming and using the Visioning process.  I opened myself up to create the life I wanted. By April 2022, I was beginning my residence in Albuquerque, NM.  

I continue to tithe to CSL Dallas because I believe that we are in this life to thrive, and as a member of the CSLDallas community, the last 10 years of my life have been full and thriving.

Debby Craig

Authenticity and family: these are the gifts I have come to know and love from CSLDallas. My past experience with the Catholic church left me with a sense that something was missing and that community membership always came with ‘strings attached.’   I didn’t believe that a community existed with the genuine purpose of loving and supporting anyone who entered, just as they were. I believe in this community, and I have an enormous sense of belonging and acceptance any time I participate. I love the hugs and the authenticity behind them.   It has been so great to watch so many confident and compassionate young people shaped by the CSLDallas communityI give generously to CSLDallas because I know its continued existence and mission depend on the community’s financial support, and I have come to experience being “in the flow” of abundance. When I am generous, the universe always gives back! 

Jeff Richardson

A prosperity class with Rev Karen shifted my consciousness to believe in the principles and practice of sacred giving.

Initially, I was apprehensive of a 10% tithe, so I took it step by step, growing my contribution each year. The results speak for themselves as my prosperity has multiplied with a new job I love and a raise in pay. More subtle impacts are the relaxed feelings I have toward money, giving and receiving. This year I’ve expanded my giving both financially and with my talents. Every time I see the monthly contribution in my account statement, I smile knowing that this money is being spent wisely and for worthy causes.  

Prosperity is expanding in every area of my life, so I’m experiencing the best year of my life with anticipation for more to come! Knowing that this prosperity consciousness feeds my soul and my bank account while transforming the world in small yet significant ways brings a smile to my face every time I give. Transforming that old “money doesn’t grow on trees” mindset is PRICELESS! 

Bob and Glo Umphress

As Science of Mind teachings changed our mindset from lack to abundance, we adopted the practice of sacred giving, tithing our monthly income. Today, our life is rich and we prosper in many ways, living a life that once seemed only a distant dream. Giving to CSL Dallas has allowed us to prosper and live an expanded life. We give because we know that there is only Love and Law operating in our lives. We give with an open heart, knowing that the principle of Circulation returns our gift full circle back to us as it benefits the work that blesses our spiritual community and beyond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tithing?

Tithing is the consistent spiritual practice of passing on that which we receive to something greater than ourselves. This practice of faith, trust, and generosity has been practiced for thousands of years. Faith and belief grow through acts of gratitude. For example, we all know that when we give love we get it back, when we demon-strate kindness we get kindness in return, and when we show our understanding we receive understanding. This is also true with our financial resources. The more we give, the more we receive. Tithing is a spiritual principle of circulation which we practice by gratefully giving back to our Source. Individuals who practice tithing give at least 10% of their income to the communities and organizations from which they are spiritually fed or whose spiritual mission they feel led to enhance. When you ask someone who tithes why they do it, you will always hear about the abundance tith-ing creates in their lives, abundance in love, friends, careers, peace and financial resources. Tithing is about FAITH – The knowingness that Life Itself will meet your every need and fulfill your every desire. Tithing is about GRATITUDE – Knowing that Source is already showering you with all the Good that you have received. Tithing is about Living in the Flow of Life!

If My Circumstances Change During the Year, Can I Change My Pledge?

Yes. You may increase or decrease your pledge at any time. This program is not designed to be a bill you owe, but rather a gift you give that transforms your life, through spiritual prosperity principles, and the life of our spiritual community. Once a quarter, you will receive information about your giving so you’ll know where you are with respect to your contribution.

How Does It Work?

Each member and friend of CSLDallas receives a letter from the Center that includes a Pledge Card. You are asked to prayerfully and thoughtfully make a specific dollar pledge to be given during the following year (January 1 to December 31). You may give your financial gifts, offerings or tithes on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or, annual basis. You can fill out a Pledge Card online or return a physical card to the Center by mail, or in the offering on any Sunday.

Does the Money Committed in This Campaign Pay for All the Expenses in Our Approved Center's Budget?

The answer is no. However, the intent of the campaign is to cover most of our expected expenses through regular, consistent giving. Generally speaking, the goal of the campaign is to raise approximately 94% of the approved budget. The balance of the money used to operate the Center comes from classes, seminars, workshops and non-pledged gifts. Most importantly, our efforts allow the leadership of CSLDallas to accurately forecast the income, which enables us to make better financial decisions and to be better stewards. In other words, we use these commitments as a compass to guide us.

What if I Don’t Think I Can Pledge Right Now?

This is clearly an individual’s choice

and we will support any decision you make. However, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider what making a pledge will mean for you. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind, teaches us that what we can see in our mind becomes our reality. Simply stated, if we see ourselves with growing resources, we create our personal expansion. Think about committing yourself to a goal and trusting the Law of Prosperity, thus continuing to build a world full of individuals who have trusted Spirit to provide based on their willingness to give. Do you really have anything to lose, other than fear and limitation?