Most of my teenage and young adult years were spent in the Pentecostal Church. Although I was a good person, psychologically my life was consumed with guilt and fear. However, I embraced a career of caring for the sick and dying which produced many questions about my beliefs. I wanted answers that the church did not have.

I desperately started searching, and new paths were uncovered. One Sunday, my children and I prepared for church not knowing where we would go. I put ‘Spiritual Church’ into the GPS and was guided to CSLDallas. There, I was greeted, taken on a tour, and introduced to many people. What struck me most was that someone took the time to acknowledge me.

This was the place I was looking for. I was given the tools I needed for greater daily living. Right away, my children loved coming to CSLDallas and eventually brought their friends along.

Like my experience years ago, there are so many people longing for a place to call their spiritual home. My desire is that my contributions will help keep our community alive to continue receiving and welcoming souls who also desire a supportive community along with spiritual tools.

I fulfill my monthly pledge to CSLDallas, because I am so happy for the people who are dedicated to sharing these secrets to success. I can call any of the CSLDallas leaders, at any time of day, and they will assist me in seeing my truth when I have trouble seeing it. I am so blessed for my unfolding life.

One of my children graduated this year as a family practice physician, and the other child has progressed in his studies. I was chosen as one of the 100 most influential nurses at Baylor Hospital out of 26,000 nurses. I have been promoted at work, and my colleagues are the happiest people I’ve ever worked with.

I am grateful for the CSLDallas community and its vibrant, knowledgeable leaders who share spiritual principles and practices that influence my life for the good.