By my own measure (not sure if anyone else has noticed ), I’ve come a long way down the path of understanding myself, the world around me, and how I fit into it.

The entity that is CSLDallas has played a huge part in my personal growth over the past 15 years. I use the word “entity” because CSLDallas is more than a spiritual community to me; it’s a living, thriving, energetic experience. It is an accepted constant in my life – that I can show up on the CSLDallas campus, or at a sangha, and have my highest and best self reflected back to me through the eyes, smile, or kind words of a community member.

Outside of spiritual growth, participating in the thriving of the CSLDallas has enlightened me about the reality of how such communities are operated and funded. In the early days of my participation, I was more than a bit naïve, and so quite dismayed to learn that funding for such a vibrant center did not emanate from an invisible sky-entity or an ivory tower on a distant mountaintop.

Rather (insert gasp here), the entire operational budget, including salaries and facilities, is provided dependably and enthusiastically by the community itself! “What? That’s just craziness!” I thought. Of course, I went on to learn about the Laws of Circulation, Attraction, and Abundance and eventually became a thriving, tithing member myself.

Adventures in Spirit (AIS) is an annual program used by CSLDallas to remind and invite community members into their birthright perpetual motion machine of generosity and prosperity. I am grateful to be working alongside my Co-Chair Dawn Ukpong, Dr. Petra, the CSLDallas staff, and a very talented group of AIS committee members to bring this year’s theme, “Thriving…A State of Being,” to realization for every member of our community.

My greatest wish for you is to engage in building your own prosperity consciousness at whatever level you feel moved: toe-in-the-water or cannonball-from-the-high-dive. The number matters not; the keys for me are engagement, consistency of generosity, and conscious expectancy of all that Life gives back.

See you in the pool!