This year’s theme, “Thriving…A State of Being,” speaks to who we are here at CSLDallas, as we have focused on and trusted in “Emergence”! “Thriving…A State of Being” is both an aspiration and declaration: we are committed to emerging from the pandemic, from political divisiveness, from discrimination, greed, and hopelessness.

We see individuals thriving, humanity thriving, and CSLDallas thriving so that we may support and empower the Awakening of Humanity to Its Spiritual Magnificence, and we work together to create a world that works for everyone and lives that work for each of us.

October is my favorite month at the Center. Every year we come to our Adventures in Spirit (AIS) pledge program, and every year I am full of gratitude for our community and the love they have for CSLDallas. My heart is inspired, moved, and lifted by the generosity of our folks, the people who spend six months on the AIS committee, and those who willingly share their TSRWs in amazing testimonials.

I love being with those who, year after year, attend the Generous Givers Event and those who are invited to attend for the very first time. I am proud to share our annual accomplishments, challenges, and the priorities for the coming year at the Adventures in Spirit Community Lunch (please join us on October 15th). I am humbled by how many people decide to grow themselves by growing their support of CSLDallas.

Be a vibrant and vital part of our emerging, growing, flourishing, and thriving spiritual community by pledging to CSLDallas for 2024! As you do, what I know for sure is that your life will emerge, grow, flourish, and thrive, too.

With deep gratitude and abundant blessings,