The mold of your acceptance is the measure of your experience. Ernest Holmes.

All you need is already available in consciousness from the very fabric of Being. There is enough and more than enough already! I remember the first time I heard this—my whole being leapt in agreement. Something within me knew that this was true. As I began working with this idea, I began demonstrating new and better relationships, financial prosperity, and joy in my life. And then all of a sudden I realized that it began to feel almost “too” good. I noticed that part of me was walking around waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to go wrong. Really, could it be this good? It was stunning for me to realize that I believed I could experience only so much joy and love and prosperity before I worried that it was more than I deserved or could possibly have.

Learning to accept all my good was a powerful practice. It was easy for me to see that others could, even should, have wonderful, joyful, prosperous lives but somehow I left myself out. So I began working on simply accepting my good. Every time something wonderful came about or I felt a deep rush of gratitude, I would affirm “I accept my good!”

Spiritual Contemplation: Are you having trouble accepting your good? When and how do you wait for the other shoe to drop?

Affirmation: I accept my good! I accept my good! I accept my good!