Forgiveness is the scent that the rose leaves on the heel that crushes it. Source Unknown

Forgiveness is a mystical alchemy that frees your awareness from the entire human desire for retribution for the injuries you have received. To enter the realm of forgiveness it takes more than what is humanly possible to transcend the pull of justice. It takes a divine grace to enter the equation because it makes no sense to the rational mind. You must move out of the realm of the thought of law and order into your soul and expression of unconditional love. Being hostile and destructive is not a normal behavior of your spirit. It has to be fed motives by the human mind to remain engaged in resentment. To have a clearer understanding of what would free you, you’ve got to drop the tapes you’ve been running.

Your mind will rehearse, choreograph, and cling to sometimes truly horrific scenarios of the past, embellished by others to keep you clinging. You must be willing to go deep in your yielding of what’s going on for you so a better way may emerge. Remember that your intellect cannot understand the spiritual side of forgiveness. It wants to play in this realm, but it’s not its natural domain, nor does it have the capacity, and it doesn’t do well letting go of the lead. You must surrender to grace’s repatterning of your whole matrix where forgiveness neutralizes the pain from the past. Pictures and memories that you are holding on to from across your life’s spectrum of occurrences will lose their hold on your psyche, and that release will open the heart to a divine guidance. When you turn your attention to God instead of revenge, the human mind must surrender its smallness, and a new picture emerges from the heart.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where could you use some divine intervention on your thoughts of justice and retribution?

Affirmation: Grace now guides my thoughts and experiences!