A positive attitude always pulls you through! When we decided to move and expand our Spiritual Center, we didn’t know how we were going to accomplish it. It took us over a year to find a new location and then to negotiate the lease. During that time it was easy for people to get discouraged because it seemed so difficult to find what we wanted. Yet each time something didn’t work out, I reminded us all to stay focused on the vision of our new home. The possibility of growth and expansion of what we had envisioned was so clear, but how it was to come about, no one knew. If we had faltered along the way we would not have finally found something that suited our needs, even though originally it wasn’t exactly what we thought we were looking for.

It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.  Nicholas Sparks

Knowing that we are living into the possibility of Abundance and a fulfilled life does not mean that everything we want is guaranteed to work out how we expect it to. It does mean that as we continue to move forward with a positive attitude we are much more likely to create or discover an outcome than if we quit along the way.

Spiritual Contemplation: How do you maintain your positive attitude and expectation for good, even when it doesn’t appear to be manifesting?

Affirmation: I stay committed to my vision of an abundant and fulfilled life. I move forward with a positive attitude. I expect good from everything I encounter.