Spiritual Development at CSLDallas

Spiritual Development Education at CLSDallas



Are you a lifelong spiritual seeker? Are you ready to deepen your understanding of universal principles, create more powerful spiritual practices, and learn to apply your spiritual maturity in every area of life? Are you interested in developing cosmic consciousness and being a force for light and love in the world? Then these courses are for you!

The Spiritual Development Education at CSLDallas beckons you to an exciting adventure in spiritual growth and learning. You are invited to deep personal growth and rich spiritual exploration through the categories and courses offered here. Our courses encourage you to pursue whatever level of personal, spiritual, or professional work in the world you feel called upon to do. Through academic rigor, breadth of content and depth of experiential processes, we are committed to fostering growth and transformation in adult students.

Our Education Program is arranged in multiple categories. Each of these is designed to offer an ever-deepening experience while providing for continuing education and certification possibilities. 
 The following links describe our programs:

Science of Mind Courses

Personal Growth Courses

Leadership and Success Consciousness Courses

Practitioner/Ministry Courses

The Discounts and Policies Page provides more details on policies and procedures such as attendance; payment and discounts; auditing, transferring and online courses; and other general information.

We welcome you to experience this great adventure. We are here to support, encourage, coach and empower you as you explore the courses and categories for your unfolding journey.  May your journey be fruitful and passionate, deepening and revealing.  May you come to know your Self as you experience the Presence of the Divine.

In Loving Service,

Dr. Petra Weldes,  Director, Spiritual Development Education