When I thing of sharing abundance I think of the song “Colors of the Wind” from the movie Pocahontas. It’s a lovely description of the Native American understanding that we can’t really own anything. The trees and the land, the water and the sun, these all flow from the Great Spirit and belong to all of us. I have a friend who says the same thing about her money and prosperity. She is constantly reminding people that it all comes from the One Source and doesn’t belong to us. We surely can’t take it with us, so it’s ours to enjoy and share only in this lifetime.

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.  Buddha

Everything in the physical world is only on loan to us for the time that we inhabit these bodies and walk around on this planet. When we truly realize this, we stop clinging, hoarding, or worrying about money. It would be like worrying about our next breath. It’s there for the taking, right when we need it. But we don’t keep it. We actually have to exhale before we can inhale again. This is trusting in our prosperity – we must share abundance when and where we can! Source is always there, no matter how much we share!

Spiritual Contemplation: Imagine that everything you have and own is on loan to you for your sojourn here and that you are the steward of it while it is in your possession.

Affirmation: Everything I have is on loan. It is mine to enjoy but not to keep. I effortless share my abundance with others.