People must realize that no matter how infinite the Infinite may be, it can only become to them what it can become through them. We must look at ourselves with our own eyes. If we could open up, clean house mentally, and get out of ourselves everything that ails us, I don’t care what the poverty is or the misery is, everything would be allowed because the Infinite cannot refuse anything.  Ernest Holmes

So many beliefs we have about money and abundance are simply weeds that grow a lack and scarcity mentality. Although money may not grow on trees, the Spiritual Truth is that it grows in our consciousness. When our consciousness about abundance and prosperity grows, our money flow increases.

Begin to discover and root out all your old beliefs about money—those from your family, from society, and your childhood. In every case these limiting beliefs are not based in Spiritual Truth. Every time you find a lack or limiting thought, immediately replace it with some form of Spiritual Truth: “There is always enough in Spirit.” “Spirit is my source and supply.” “Money is Love in action.” Read spiritually based Abundance books and look for Spiritual Truths that you can use to counteract the false beliefs and ideas that are lurking in your subconscious.

Contemplation: What are some of the false beliefs and old ideas you hold about money and abundance? Write them in one column. In the second column write a spiritual truth you can know instead.

Affirmation: I am free from old and limiting beliefs about abundance. I know the Spiritual Truth that Spirit is my Source, and I receive all my abundance easily and with joy!