Current Opportunities to Serve

Communications / Website

Communications –

Help our community members know what’s going on and stay informed with sizzle and pizzazz. Share and enhance your creativity through graphics, layout, and production assistance. Come into the office and be part of the buzz or work on projects from home. Regularly scheduled or by the project. (Contact Communications at [email protected])

Website –

75% of our visitors find us through our website. Class and events info and registrations are all on the calendar. From finding last week’s message to listening to life-changing stories, from volunteering to education, it’s all on our website. Our new website is so user-friendly that anyone who can use a word processing program can help us stay current and our website up-to-date, Regularly scheduled or by project, in the office or at home. (Contact Rev Karen at [email protected] )

Broadcast –

Help us continue to move into the 21st century by supporting all our video needs from emails to testimonials to special projects and Sunday Services. Video and video editing are our primary needs at this time. Contact Rev Karen at [email protected] )

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali