When you learn to trust the Higher Power, you realize your thinking is not what makes it reality. You can struggle with this realization or relax into it, but thus it has always been. Before time was, Spirit was and is, and always has been I am. Your thought is not the power; it’s not what makes something true. It’s an avenue of awareness. You can see that someone is wearing purple or turquoise, but your thought isn’t going to change what they have on because it’s just an avenue of your perception. You don’t make Spirit so—it’s your awareness of what is so that allows the power to flow through your life.

Whatever may be the tensions and the stresses of a particular day, there is always lurking close at hand the trailing beauty of forgotten joy or unremembered peace.  Howard Thurman

Make sure you start your day with a conscious realization of your oneness with your Higher Power, your Abundant Good. If you can’t bring Spirit into your awareness at the first waking moment before being bombarded by the rest of the day, when will you get around to it? Do you not want to be aware of Spirit walking with you every step of the way throughout your day? It is in proportion to your mindfulness of the Presence that Spirit is available every moment of every day and when you feel the Presence, you are never alone.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you missing the perception of the Divine Presence in your life? How could a clearer thought be an avenue for an enhanced awareness of an out of balance issue of your day? Remember to start your day with a Divine connection.

Affirmation: I start each day with Spirit on my mind!

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