Finding Grace in the everyday is a powerful spiritual practice!

Nothing is more frustrating than finding your computer inoperable when you finally find the time to work on a project you’ve postponed until the last minute. Somewhere in the cloud or the server, the gremlins are having fun at your expense and all the glitches have united their forces to frustrate you. Maybe it’s just that Mercury went retrograde and the heavens have conspired against you. But whatever the reason, your computer isn’t working, and you’re infuriated or at least annoyed, neither of which helps you find a solution.

Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.  Steve Wozniak

Well, this then becomes your spiritual practice recognize that computer repair is not Spirit’s domain. Divine intervention for your laptop is always possible, but usually guidance from another person and tapping the correct combination of keys seem to be the channel that spirit works through. Grace can enter into the resolution only when you stop cussing at your screen. So relax and await the realization of Grace to emerge in what you are looking at. Grace is not a power but a presence, and in the presence, there is no need to battle any annoyance. Be still and allow Grace to be Grace. Grace will function as guidance, wisdom, harmony, wholeness, and inspiration while revealing all that is necessary with whatever is before you.

Spiritual contemplation: Where do you give your power away to inanimate objects? How can they become your spiritual practice?

Affirmation: I now sense Grace in all areas of my life!