No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.  Albert Einstein 

Creativity comes in all forms when you operate from a new level of consciousness. Solving a business problem in a new way; looking at a situation from a different perspective; trying out a unique way to talk about something, all become possible because you are standing in a different place. These are all ways you are become creative when you operate from an unlimited, spiritual level of consciousness!

Limited and negative thinking will never create abundance and joy. Turn your thinking to universal spiritual truths. Focus on them as much as you can while thinking about what you want to have different. You are always co-creating with the Universe, so try a new thought, a different perspective, or a unique point of view. This is how you create something new in your life!

Spiritual Contemplation: What problem are you trying to solve with old solutions or from a habitual level of consciosness? What entirely new, spiritually grounded idea can you try?

Affirmation: I stand on Universal Truths, finding new ideas and a different perspective. This brings new solutions to the challenges at hand.

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