The energy of compassion is at the heart of bringing peace to every aspect of life.

To work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the hearts of men and women. To prepare for war, to give millions of men and women the opportunity to practice killing day and night in their hearts, is to plant millions of seeds of violence, anger, frustration, and fear that will be passed on for generations to come. Thich Nhat Hanh

What mental bombs do you launch into your world? What less-than-kind energetic expression are you responsible for detonating? Where and with whom do you have an inner battle going on? Do you feel there is a mental or emotional war raging inside of you? Some peace advocates are among some of the angriest people you’ll meet, but if you want peace, you must be peace. Just because you hold it together on the outside and don’t go off on someone doesn’t mean you are an expression of peace. You might have the world fooled but check your blood pressure and see how attuned your body is to your vibrations of consciousness. Then realize the world you walk in is also picking up on and reflecting your vibrational contributions.

Compassion arises from within our heart. Compassion is what will transform the world. Our expressions of caring will still the wars of this world—shipping all the arsenal of this planet to outer space will not. Weapons will just be created again if there is hatred in our hearts. What we focus on is what will materialize in our world, which is why it’s important to have our kids rehearse in their minds and hearts those things that will bless this world and not destroy it or them. What visions would you wish your children to review and practice in their soul?

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you hurling bombs upon the world? What can you do to stop contributing to the warring energy and replace it with a compassion for the situation at hand?

Affirmation: I bring compassion to my war-torn thoughts!