In a fun book series called Choose Your Own Adventure, you determine the direction of the story. Each choice leads to an adventure, which leads to another page with other choices, and you travel a path that is entirely of your own choosing. Some decisions can lead to disaster and ruin while others allow you to be the hero. If you reread the story and make different choices at the various junctures, you’ll find yourself on an entirely different journey with completely different paths to an alternative ending. You can discover Atlantis, time travel, explore the Amazon, or even search for a black rhino.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. Wayne Dyer

Sounds like life. You are given choices that bring with them certain consequences. You must decide your next step from the options life presents to you. You have the power to choose at any moment, at every moment. You can alter your direction at any time if you aren’t too caught up in the drama of the story or if you can let go of your insistence on the kind of ending you wish you see. If you can remember that you are the observer of your life, you are free to make new abundant choices and open the floodgates to greater good at any time. But you must remain conscious that you can always choose and not fall into the drama of it all—even if it makes for a good story.

Spiritual Contemplation: What paths do you want to stay on in your life and which ones are you ready to alter?

Affirmation: I am conscious of my path choices. I choose adventures that enhance my life and make a contribution!

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