Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests.  Deepak Chopra

People often put such an energetic Whoa! about the probability of breaking free of karma. They believe that when you get on the karmic wheel you’re there for a long time. Yet the chain is being broken all the time. Some people who were on their last borrowed dollar have turned their lives around and are now sitting on top of the world. And what about those people with a terminal illness and only a few months to live who years later are still around telling how they beat their life sentence?

In the spiritual consciousness there is no law of dis-ease and no bondage to cause and its effect. Any time you touch the spiritual consciousness and achieve any sense of freedom, the power of grace enters into the equation. Spiritual realization is what sets you free. It doesn’t matter what the mistake has been, it can all end in a moment when grace touches down. But then, as the saying goes, “Go and sin no more.” If you return to the same old behavior and consciousness that brought the error to you to begin with, you are back on that karmic wheel. But if in the freeing moment of higher realization, you decide to no longer perpetuate what was, then what can be will show up for you.

Spiritual Contemplation: What karmic chain would you like to break free from? If you knew that all you had to do was discontinue the behavior and thinking that got you in a present predicament, would you really let go of them?

Affirmation: I am now free from any perceived chain of Karma!