Every Child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.  Pablo Picasso

Was there a point in your growing up that the fire of your self-expression went out? When was your joy to dance through life extinguished—your knowing that you are a creative expression in manifesting art or business magic, enchanted relationships, or abundance? The singing stopped, and you put your paints and pens in the closet with the canvas of life aching for your attention again. You once were poetry in action, then the fire went out. You put away your dancing shoes and got cleaned up so you could be acceptable, fit in, and make a living.

Question anything that causes your life to diminish the artist in you or breaks your spirit, like antagonistic pressures that box you into some inferiority complex. Remember, you don’t have to remain in that corner or closet. Be careful not to fall prey in this weakened state to false enhancements or to accept your less than glorious life. A soul that has been repressed will often seize upon some poor choices in order to escape the pain. It’s easy to forget the Divinity within you and has chosen you as Its artist of life. You can break the mesmeric trance, “not by might or by power,” but by understanding and remembering who you are—and becoming the artist of your life once again.

Spiritual Contemplation: What can you do to let your creative expression out from the closet? Do it today.

Affirmation: I am poetry in action. I am the creator of my life. I am an artist of co-creation!

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