You are an individualized expression of the ONE Life. You are the place where the Infinite is awakening to self-awareness. You are a being of love and light, radiant and beautiful. You are so much more than “just” human. You are not your past, your traumas, your sun sign or your numerology, You are neither your successes or your mistakes, You are not your skin color, gender, abilities or disabilities, heritage or any label you have given yourself or taken on.  Anything that describes YOU that is based on the human condition or the physical universe is by definition limited and finite.  But you are neither limited nor finite. Your being, your essential nature, your inner fire, your Spirit, your Soul, the true YOU, the I AM – that is the Universal individualized as YOU – the macrocosm showing up as a microcosm of Itself.

Your consciousness is a vital, necessary, and powerful expression and your intentions and choices unfold and evolve all of Life. Never doubt for one second that you are able to create a higher vibration and lift the frequency of consciousness as a whole. Shine your light. Share your love. Life full out. Not only are you inspiring those around you to be all they can be, you are also adding something new to the infinite unfolding and evolutionary trajectory of the Divine, Infinite, Universal Spirit Itself.

And if this is true for any one of us, It is true for every one of us. Collectively we are the radiant Light of Life and Love expressing in the world uniquely yet collectively. Let us join in consciousness and Light up the world with our Presence, Power and Love!